ART GIRLS: Coming to a Cinema and Online Classroom Near You

ART GIRLS by Robert Bramkamp is a sci-fi-flick cum art world satire featuring German stars Peter Lohmeyer (in a double role) and Inga Busch along with some real life artworks by Martin Kippenberger, Susanne Weirich, Paul McCarthy, Joseph Beuys and many others. The story centers on three Berlin-based artists (Busch, Megan Gay and Jana Schulz) who are invited to exhibit at a humongous group show sponsored by the mysterious biotech corporation Morphocraft, headed by geeky scientists and twin brothers Laurens and Peter Maturana (Lohmeyer). The artists are unaware that Morphocraft is actually using the artworks to experiment with collective intelligence and world control… What happens when the happeha distinction between art and life completely breaks down?

After success on the festival circuit (Hof, achtung berlin, Moscow IFF), ART GIRLS will be released theatrically in Germany on April 9. Befitting an endeavor whose raison d’être is the blurring of boundaries of any kind – between fact and fiction, between genres, between filmmakers and audience, Bramkamp will teach, free of charge, an interactive online course for “Innovative Filmmaking” using ART GIRLS as a study case. The MOOC (massive open online course) starts on March 16 on leading European elearning platform Enrollment for the course has already begun, for more information see here.