Art Girls Now on Facebook and YouTube, Coming to Cinemas Near You Starting April 9

“Don’t panic!… It’s just art.”

Art Girls by Robert Bramkamp is a new science fiction flick set in the Berlin art scene and featuring real life artworks by Paul McCarthy, Susanne Weirich, Maren Strack, Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger and other artists. The film explores what happens art and real life become increasingly entwined. When art no longer imitates nature but the other way round, all hell breaks loose, with global repercussions ensues…

The film opens Germany-wide on April 9. Unlike most films which see wide releases and then disappear from the screens, Art Girls will be touring municipal and art house cinemas in approx. 100 cities until fall 2015, brought to you by realeyz Arthouse Cinema, our very own boutique theatrical distribution label.

In the run up to the big release and beyond, Art Girls will posting news, webclips, teasers and exclusive interviews on its Facebook page and YouTube channel. Stay tuned.

Robert Bramkamp‘s earlier works, including the Thomas Pynchon semi-adaptation TEST STAND 7, are all available on realeyz to get you up to speed before checking out Art Girls.